Taking Care Of Accounting Issues

Are You Operating Your New Business With A Small Staff?

Have you already chosen the location for your new business? If so, it must be exciting for you to know where you'll be going to work every day. Perhaps you have even already hired all of your staff members. That was a big job, wasn't it? 

On the other hand, you might still be looking for individuals who will make up your office staff. Because your business is just starting, it is likely that you will operate on a small staff. With that in mind, hiring a receptionist and making arrangements with a small business service to do your bookkeeping, here are some ideas that might help you.

The First Staff Member People Will Meet - Consider the fact that your receptionist will more than likely set the tone for the remainder of a meeting with clients or potential clients. With that in mind, think of hiring a receptionist who is both professional and friendly. Grooming is an important factor. However, whether your receptionist is pretty or handsome really isn't that important.

One thing that does help, though, is to have a receptionist who can remember names. It's just impressive to walk in a door and be called by your own name. Encourage your receptionist to learn and remember the names of each of the people with whom you do business. And, don't forget to use his or her name often yourself. Doesn't Sue, please give me the file sound better than just Please give me the file? it just personalizes your request. 

A Small Business Bookkeeping Service - Obviously, the finances linked to your new business are extremely important, too. Even if you are an adept bookkeeper yourself, you'll probably be very busy focusing on growing your new business. Consider finding a small business service that will take care of your bookkeeping and other related interests. A reputable small business bookkeeping service will do background checks on all of its employees. In addition, there will more than likely be constant training for each of its staff members. 

The service can take care of recording your business day-to-day transactions and will even do the payroll for you receptionist and any other staff members that join your new business. The small business bookkeeping service will also have certified and expert individuals who will use Quickbooks and other accounting materials. You can even count on your small business bookkeeping service to take care of tax issues.