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Starting Your Own Accounting Business? How To Get Customers

You are a trained CPA, and you want to begin your own accounting service similar to Burkhart Peterson & Company. When you work for yourself, you can choose your own client base, work your own hours, and determine for the most part how much money you make.

You need clients to become a successful accountant. When you work for an accounting firm, your clients are brought to you. When you work for yourself, you have to get clients on your own. Here are ways you can get customers when you first start out with your accounting business.

Reach Out to Businesses You Frequent

Do you regularly visit the library to make copies or check out books? Do you go to the same local clothing store to buy a majority of your clothing or accessories? Where do you go to get your oil changed on your car?

The businesses you frequent most may be in need of accounting services, and since you are an on-going customer for these companies, they know you on a personal level and can be willing to entertain your services. Make a list of the services you provide and what your hourly or session rates are, and make an appointment with the local HR personnel of the companies you'd like to enlist.

If the companies you'd like to work for aren't currently hiring a CPA, you can still use their services to promote yourself. Ask the HR directors if you can leave your business card at their main desk so their other customers can take one and call you for assistance.

Advertise on Social Media

Your local community won't know that you are a licensed CPA with accounting services to offer unless you put yourself out there. Use social media to your advantage by creating a professional account and posting various accounting tips and tax season guides to get the community interested. Don't forget to periodically mention that you are actively seeking new clients to serve, and people will begin to come to you for accounting advice or to hire you long-term.

Do Community Events

Hosting or being part of community events gets your name and face out there to the public and promotes you as a trustworthy and caring person. When you volunteer your time to the community, you get a better chance of getting customers in the future. Ask your local city board how you can help out in the community and be present in local activities so you can gain patronage for your new accounting business.